About me

I have always loved to live in a world full of children, fairies, magical places, miracles and ... I couldn’t find them all together in the real world, so I decided to be the creator myself! That’s when I started my journey and I’m really enjoying it.


I started with doing some illustrations for little businesses and then I did my first children’s books illustration with a self-published author. Since then I kept working as a children’s books illustrator and I'm really enjoying every little step I take.

Now let's go to where I create most of my illustrations.

This is a corner of our home that I have all to myself.

I like to decorate my desk with colorful lights, plants and every little thing that inspires me. I love to seat behind this desk everyday and "grow" like my plants.


When I’m not working, you can find me reading a book, checking my favorite illustrators’ portfolios, playing the piano or simply day-dreaming about being a very successful children’s books illustrator!

Thanks for visiting my little corner in this huge virtual world!

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